Brick Cutting

Our brick cutting services are suitable for both residential and commercial construction projects. We are able to cut and join any size of brick to any angle that you need. Our clients tell us that it is quicker and more cost effective for us to cut bricks to the right shape rather than order bespoke bricks from the manufacturers.

Who needs brick cutting services?

If you use bricks, concrete blocks, thermalite, stone, tiles, slabs or kerb stones then you will undoubtedly need them cutting to size.

Local Builders

Many of our clients are local builders who need bricks, and other construction material, cut to size for house extension projects and small builds. Our clients have found time and time again that it is more cost effective for them to use our services rather than try to do it themselves.

House Builders

As a home builder you have many aspects to consider. We work with house building companies right across the UK and are often called upon not only to cut bricks but to supply the bricks too. We make building homes as smooth as possible by delivering the bricks directly to building sites.

Self Builders

Are you one of the many self builders in the country who want to construct your dream home but need help? When it comes to the bricks then we are here to offer expert advice, service and of course the bricks themselves.


Are you one of those people that loves to get on with a DIY project around the home? It could be replacing an old fireplace, building a brick wall in the garden or building your own extension. You are going to need bricks and we are here to support you all the way through your DIY project.

Brick Cutting Tools

As you can imagine we use cutting edge brick cutting techniques and tools. We have our own inhouse team of technicians who have many years of experience in brick cutting.

Brick Jigs

We have invested in our own custom jigs. This means that these jigs are of such a high standard that we can cut bricks faster than most, and also offer a very high level of accuracy in the sizes and angles that we can cut.

Brick Saws

Using our industrial Redband and custom brick saws has many advantages over using manual saws. One of the most important is that the cuts are much more accurate and we have much less wastage.

Brick Bonding Services

Not only are we brilliant brick cutters we offer a wide range of brick bonding. 

The types of standard brick bond patterns that we cover include (but not limited to) the following:



Stretcher Bond

Stack Bond

Flemish Bond

English Bond

Header Bond

Running Bond

Bespoke Brick Bond Patterns

Our custom brick jigs means that not only can we produce any standard bond out there, we can offer bespoke bonding services. If you have a decorative bonding pattern in mind we will help that.

Brick Adhesives

We don’t cut corners when it comes to the quality of the adhesives that we use in gluing bricks together. 

Even if you just need to repair a window arch, build a boundary wall or build a whole housing estate our brick adhesives are of such a high quality the bonds are solid and secure.

Free Colour Matching

We agree that colour matching the brick adhesive is essential for a good finish. For this reason we mix the adhesive at our factory for every batch of bricks that we glue.